Once a month (or more! surprise!) I’ll try to tell you a story. A regular-ish love letter just for you.

What is this?

A place for me to share my writing with you, but also to use you as my little guinea pig readers as I send you bite-sized experiments. And everything is a love letter!

What do you mean?

I mean that everything you’ll find on here IS a love letter of some kind, but maybe not always in the way you think it will be, you know?? EVERYTHING IS A LOVE LETTER is a place of tenderness and awkwardness. Sometimes what I share here might be very short, or very long, or scary or funny, and often unpolished, too, I hope.

What’s in it for me?

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I dabble in magical realism, sci-fi, funny stuff, weird stuff, sad stuff, personal stuff, true & made-up stuff. Surely you like at least one of those things!!!!!

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and all of it is for you


Emmali Branton

Professional Piner; Big Feelings Haver